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We firmly believe in feeding our dogs as healthy a diet as possible. Over the years that has included various types of kibble, freeze dried food, raw and table scraps. We encourage a whole food, raw diet but realize that choice is not for everyone. 

Our dogs currently eat a raw diet consisting of beef, chicken, turkey, venison, vegetables, fruits, eggs, bones, cheeses, yoghurt and tripe. We also include fish, both cooked and raw.


Our journey to raw encompassed many experiments into and out of raw and what worked best for us at the time, and most importantly what worked best for our animals.


When we bred Autumn in 2016 every single instinct I possessed told me to put her back on a raw diet and so this most recent journey began in earnest. Autumn thrived during her pregnancy and while nursing and was back in shape within days of whelping. The litter was raised on raw and 2 are still raw fed and doing phenomenally well. The other 2 are on a high quality kibble and are in very good shape as well. Cale is in better shape now than ever before in his life. All the dogs love their food and are more than willing to lick each other's bowls clean.

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