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It has become more and more apparent that over-vaccination can cause severe health issues in our dogs. Many vets have finally started to recommend that boosters should not be done any more frequently than every 3 years but many are still on the yearly booster bandwagon.


We follow Dr Dodd’s vaccination protocol at Divinity Poodles.


Our dogs receive their puppy shots then we titer test them at least once. They receive their rabies shots and boosters that are required by law and in order to cross the border. We do not vaccinate for bordetella (kennel cough) or lepto at this time.


With our 2017 litter we also learned about a titer test (nomograph) for a pregnant dam that not only shows her antibodies but gives an estimate on when to vaccinate the puppies based on when the dam’s antibodies will no longer block the vaccine. This allows us to make a decision on when to vaccinate puppies and not give a useless vaccine that will just expose them to side effects but do nothing to protect them. 

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