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Breeding Health

All of our dogs are health tested prior to breeding. They will have a minimum of hip x-rays evaluated through OFA or Penn-hip, eye evaluation done with a board certified veterinary ophthalmologist, congenital cardiac exam or SA or thyroid test done as well as genetic based testing done or be cleared by parentage (neither parent was a carrier of vWD, NE, DM). Their individual health test results are linked on their own pages. 

As all of our dogs are worked in some sort of performance or hunted, we keep them in top condition including visits to the vet, chiropractor and acupuncturist as needed.


VGL testing (Canine Genetic Diversity (CGD) DNA Test offered at UC Davis - Veterinary Genetics Laboratory) is used to identify genetic diversity within dog breeds, assess traits of interest, and determine genetic predisposition to health conditions. The goal of the testing is to assist in producing greater genetic diversity within a breed. The general idea being greater diversity = greater longevity.

Our breeding dogs have their VGL done and are on public record on BetterBred. In addition, we will usually test some puppies in each litter, some of those results are also public depending on their owners' wishes.

Our goal is to produce genetically diverse, healthy dogs that conform to the breed standard and have the temperament, drive and energy to do anything you wish.

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